Successful Prosecution Strategy: AALI’s Lawyers Secured Imposition of Costs in Various Cases

Our prosecution strategy at AALI includes advocating for cost impositions against opposing parties to prevent delaying tactics from prolonging legal proceedings. Our lawyers have been successful in securing cost impositions in various cases, such as a POCSO case where the defence counsel repeatedly filed exemption applications and the court imposed costs of Rs. 500 and Rs. 700 on two occasions. In a 498A IPC case, our lawyers argued for a cost imposition of Rs. 200 against the opposing party’s defence counsel, who was delaying the proceeding by not completing the cross-examination of prosecution witnesses. In a divorce case under section 13 HMA, our lawyers secured a cost imposition of Rs. 5000 against the opposing party for filing an amendment application eight years after the initial filing of the case. These efforts have been successful in advancing the interests of our clients and ensuring that legal proceedings are not unnecessarily prolonged.