Meet the Team

Board of Trustees

Tulika Srivastava

Tulika Srivastava is a human rights lawyer with extensive experience in building and working with organizations and institutions dedicated to the realization of women’s human rights. She is one of the Founder Member of Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives Trust (AALI). She has been Former Executive Director of Women Fund Asia and International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW-AP).

Huma Khan

Huma Khan is a human rights, gender and development professional with over twenty-five years of experience in her home country India as well as in various conflict and post conflict settings. Her work focuses on implementation of international human rights instruments globally. Huma is a Lawyer by training and currently works as the Senior Human Rights Advisor for the United Nations. She is one of the Founder members and Presenting Trustee.

Dr. Nisha Srivastava

Nisha Srivastava is a former Professor in the Dept of Economics, University of Allahabad. She has worked with the United Nations World Food Program as head of the Vulnerability Analysis Unit. Presently she is a visiting Professor with the Institute for Human Development, New Delhi. Her work straddles many areas, including issues of gender, social sector, employment and poverty. She is also one of the founder members.

Rajashri Dasgupta

Rajashri Dasgupta is an independent consultant based in Kolkata specializing in issues related to gender, health, human rights and social movements. She has been involved with the peace and women 's rights movements in India for more than five decades. She is with AALI since 2008.

Geeta Ramaseshan

Geeta Ramaseshan is a renowned senior advocate in Madras High Court Chennai in the area of criminal law and family law for the past three decades. She is known for her work in upholding the rights of women and is a famed commentator on gender issues. She is with AALI since 2007.

Seema Misra

Seema Misra is a lawyer who has been working on the issue of legal empowerment of various marginalized communities for over two decades. She is an experienced trainer and has worked extensively on building the capacity of legal practitioners and grassroots workers. She is with AALI since 2000.

Prof. Azra Musavi

Azra Musavi is a professor with fifteen years in the higher education sector & has leadership skills for managing an academic department. She has an interdisciplinary background with a masters’ degree in Economics and a PhD in Sociology. She is a teacher and researcher, with a grounding in the discipline of women’s studies. She is with AALI since 2017.

Executive Director

Renu Mishra

Ms. Renu Mishra is the Executive Director at AALI has been leading the organization since 2016. As an experienced lawyer, she has been active in the field of women’s rights and empowerment for two decades now. Her work centers around ensuring the access to justice for women and children. Ms. Mishra specializes in feminist counseling, casework strategy, socio-legal intervention in gender-based violence and promoting women’s socio-economic and civil and political rights. She acts as a technical member and consultant to several national networks as well as state and central departments. In 2016, her contribution to women’s rights in Uttar Pradesh was recognized and honored by the State Government. In 2014 she was presented with the Hindustan Times Woman of the Year Award for her work on women’s empowerment. She holds an L.L.B. degree from Lucknow University, and a master's degree in Commerce. She joined AALI in 2002.

Core Team


Coordinator – Women Leadership & Community Initiatives

Anshumala is a law degree holder and has an experience of more than 17 years in the social sector field. She leads the Women’s Leadership and Community Initiatives Program with AALI and has been associated with the organization for more than 12 years now. Her expertise includes building capacity of
women leaders and mobilizing community for attainment of social-economic rights. She is also guiding the established Casework Centres to  effectively replicate the model of Community Intervention Program
in other districts of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Bihar She also holds an MPhil degree in
Women’s Studies.


Coordinator- Casework

Aalima Zaidi is a practicing lawyer and currently leads the casework unit at AALI. She joined AALI is 2018 and has extensive experience of facilitating women’s access to justice systems through socio-legal intervention. As a legal expert with a feminist perspective, her work encompasses supporting women’s right to choose in relationships, decision-making, and violence-free life. She is contributing to develop an active Lawyer’s Coalition in Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand with focus on Pro-bono Lawyering.


Coordinator- Strategic Partnership

Neetu joined in 2020 and is currently leading Strategic Partnership Unit at AALI. She is a law degree holder and is active in the field of social justice and gender equality for more than 17 years. She has vast experience in casework and capacity building and has provided technical support to state
stakeholders and grassroots workers in the past. Her role is to Initiate, coordinate and collaboration dialogue with media, government, bureaucrats, academia, police advisory, DLSA, lawyers, women and child rights commission CSO’s etc and built and sustain collaboration (state and national) with the relevant stakeholders. She is contributing to develop an active Women Rights Coalition in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar and Jharkhand with focus on raising voices against Gender Based Violence.